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So I'm thinking (everyone run for cover it is dangerous) no, seriously; I've been thinking that in my "Least Expect" universe Horatio and Mac are coming up on an anniversary. I think it's three years but I'm not positive. And, as my best friend points out, only fools are positive.
Now to make a long story short (way, way too late) I was thinking it'd be fun to do a story just for the special night. What I need are colors that would look drool-worthy on Horatio and Mac. I'm thinking both of them in black suits with silk shirts.
Horatio - wine red, purple, ice blue, green, deep blue, silver?????
Mac - green, red, blue, gray????
I've already done the research for a restaurant and created what, I think, will be a fantastic meal based off the menu and have the outline for the after dinner activities (ahem) planned out. *giggle* It's the blasted shirts that are giving me trouble.

I'll be writing this tonight (Tuesday August 14th) so if you want a say in it please respond before 2200 (ten pm) pacific time. I really appreciate all the help you guys give me with these fics. It makes them so much more fun.

I'm going back to my hole now. I'm looking for Mac pictures to try and make a happy wallpaper. *grin*
Tags: fan fiction, least expect

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