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and sick as a dog, but surviving. :) Traveling with fibro is by no means fun. I haven't eatten anything more than crackers (and only like one or two then) or a little fish (to die for) in about 50 hours. We won't even talk about trying to drink anything. And it's not like my tummy is upset. It just doesn't want food or anything else in it.

Uhm, so where to start. Our flight was out of Lewiston, which was good because Pullman was shut down, so we had about 45 minutes worth of driving to the airport and then an hour flight into Seattle. It was bouncy, but not too bad - I managed not to throw up anyway - and went directly to the hotel once we were in the city. The main reason for the hurry was that my older brother was meeting our dad for lunch and we were worried we'd be late. Then it turns out that he was the one who was late, so we just dropped Bubba off and mum and I went to Uwajamaya.
*iz heaven* It's a whole block in Seattle. Tiny restaurants - including ramen - around the outside, the grocery and gift store and then the book store. Oh my, the book store. If I hadn't had my mum with me or been flying home with limited space for manga, I would have spent waaaayyyyy more than I did there. And I had to be quick because mum doesn't know (or at least doesn't admit to knowing about) my yaoi mangas and I had to get through that section and hide them in amongst the other mangas I was getting. Got the first two Happy Boys mangas (and told Ro that I'm watching that jdrama before I give it to her) and some others that looked interesting. Also got the newest Vampire Knight and some others.

More tomorrow. I'm going home and going to bed.

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