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rikkai 15 - rotflol

My Japanese is by no means great, so I'm not sure exactly what they had to say about all of this, but I think Masa and Genki-kun did something to Massu's jacket during DL7. And Masa makes the cutest face ever when apologizing to the camera.

But what absolutely killed me (to the point of my computer falling out of my lap and onto the bed I was laughing so hard) was when "baby" Niou (Wada) was doing the racket thing with Fuji, pointed the racket at him and yelled "peanut!" My favorite bit from the DL7 backstage is when Atobe gets "hit" in the eye with a peanut. I don't know why that makes me laugh so hard, Ro just rolled her eyes when I showed her, but I have both of those on my cell phone for when I start feeling down.

I have screencapped the DVD and will put them up once I have my internet connected at home. I still haven't sorted the main DVD, just the backstage. And they are all so cute, I just want to go glomp them. Especially Masa, Ba-chon, and Massu. Oh, hell with it, Genki and Kane-chan too. lol.
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