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watashi wa baka desu

I really am. For some reason I decided that it would be fun to find out what the song Alex is about. Not only because it's my name, but there's a (seemingly) totally random line in the middle of it and I'm curious.
Now I think I needed glasses from being at the computer for so long. *grins* But I'm still at it. Love that song. Especially the dance Masa, Kohei and Ayumu do in the middle. *dies*

Still, it's helping me learn a few kanji and I'm getting really good at picking up sounds. :) And it beats doing dealer evals when we're mostly dead.

I tried to call and cancel my internet so I can set up with the new provider but, because I don't have the phone number for the account, my dad's social security number, one of the security questions and his credit card number, I can't do it. I just don't understand this company at all. Maybe it should be called non-customer service. *pft*

I really just want my own internet again. I'm hoping to get in and talk to them on Monday. I have the day off and will be up early for a doctor's appointment down in Clarkston. So maybe I'll be back up by the end of the week.
*crosses fingers* Until then, there's always work and Ro's place.
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