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Masa/PoT/general weirdness

Whenever I have a bad day at work, I think Masa knows it and puts up something that will make me smile.
His outfit in the third picture down is just so.....so.....Masa. *grins* And a pic of him with Ba-chon!!!! Kawaii. Now I really hope this is the concert that will become a DVD next year. *crosses fingers*

Ro and I are into the Junior Invitational arc in the PoT anime and I had an idea for a short fic when Akaya falls down the stairs. It involves a lot of kissing and tarundorus. You can probably guess the pairing. I do wish they had some of my other favorites there. I felt so bad for Dabide when he was making puns in the meeting and no one would hit him. That's another fic idea. He calls Bane-san in tears because no one is paying attention to his puns. *snorts* I need to start a list of ideas/pairings.

At work today, Sauce said something that annoyed me. I don't remember what it was, but I told him to watch it or I would smite him with lightning bolts. (the nickname for surveillance is God because we see everything). He said he was made of stone and lightning wouldn't hurt him. I said I'd just get Thor's hammer then. He asked me how because Thor was still using it. I told him I had connections and he let me have that one. :)
And then I had to wonder, after watching a particularly stupid yet difficult thing to explain in writing, what Donna would do if I turned in an evaluation on a dealer that simply said, "don't do that." Now I'm tempted.
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