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hoo boy

I'm still out of breath/chest hurting from how hard and long I was laughing over one of my answers in the first PoT meme. I swear I didn't look!!!!!!
One more segment and I have all of the Rock Musical Bleach shows downloaded and ready to watch. *does happy dance* I can't wait to see the first gen. Momoshiro as Renji Abarai in Bleach. Talk about perfect casting. Ro and I are going to watch them together, so it might be a while before I get to see it, but still happy.
Work was loooong today. Not boring because it's WSU dad's weekend so it's busy as hell. Our poker room was my problem child today. I spent more time on the phone with Garrett and David than I did any of the other departments for the entire 9.5 hours of my shift. That's pretty sad. But they are still learning how to be supervisors and they had some pretty big stuff go down (a bad beat for $3000 and a monte carlo for $200) which meant paperwork for them and me and the cashier. The players were happy though. The money on bad beats and monte carlos in poker is just given to the player on top of whatever they won for that hand.
This will make folks happy. I finished a chapter for TDC. Well, with the exception of maybe one more hand-written page. I'll do that tomorrow and then see when I can get it typed up. And I'm working on some anime/manga based pieces as well. I have to get the bunnies out of my head before I can focus back on my other pieces. Still have the list hanging up though.
Look for a Takumi-kun piece within the next two weeks. ;)

I do wish I was in Portland with Ro for her older brother's wedding though. I couldn't get the time off from work and it's probably a good thing because both her sisters are there too and they drive me crazy. It would have been good to see the babies though. I miss Nevaeh.
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