lexxiescott (lexxiescott) wrote,

funny only to us??

At work today the first thing I have to do is monitor the count team while they count up and total the money dropped on the tables the day before. It's a rather boring thing to do, with paperwork of course, and I have to listen to the inane conversations as well.
But today something funny actually happened in there. Mark looked up and said, "hey, we've got a security breech! There's a fly in the count room. And he's not wearing a name tag!"
I yelled over, "then catch him, make him put one on and make him sign in."
Mark looks up at the ceiling, where I guess the fly is, and says, "yeah, that's right. You've got to sign in. And clear your hands too."
We were all laughing at this point. But it made me think that only someone who works in the casino would think that was funny. Ro did when I told her about it. :)
And I've even asked security to card bugs flying around the casino to make sure they're old enough to be in there. I normally get a "what the hell" look.
I tell them I have to be annoying and sarcastic and take all the fun out of working there. It's in my contract. The smarter ones know I don't have a contract.
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