June 10th, 2012

Oh lexxie


for the past five days, i've been cleaning up my journal and my tags page. so, welcome to my new highly organized and clean journal. *grins* for convenience, any story i've posted here on the journal itself now has a tag under the title. so Dancing Follow Me is tagged as "title: dancing follow me" and the like. i haven't added any new fics, but i have titled some that weren't titled when they posted (ie, every birthday and xmas fic i've done in the past couple of years). also, please note my rps stories are titled in there as well with no indication which is which. i thought this would also make following series a little easier than it has been in the past. i also got rid of redundant tags (like furukawa yuuta and yuuta-kun) and tags that i don't use any more or were on entries that have been deleted. i also changed the style (big shock) and have titled all the posts that didn't have titles. a lot of work, but i think it'll help in the long run. if only for me to be able to find things a little easier. *grins*

have fun, play around with the titles tags and enjoy the fics. :) also, let me know if something is mistagged or is missing a tag you think it should have. things are a little crazy for me at the moment. every sense in my body is saying there's a storm coming, but the forecast disagrees. so i have no clue what's going on. maybe it's just work that's making me feel so cruddy. :)

oh yeah, also note that 95% of titles are f-locked. i don't leave my more explicit writings hanging around for the general public to read. i'm not *that* evil.
Oh lexxie

oh my

okay, so, i'm a HUGE Sherlock Holmes nerd. i'm exceedingly particular about stories i read in the universe and actors who play him. Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke are and shall always be my Holmes and Watson.

that said, mum has been after me to watch the BBC show "Sherlock" when i had a moment.
i haz the giggles. serious giggles.

this actor is brilliant as Holmes. he's young, yes, but on my lord he is good! and his Watson is Martin Freeman, so that's just odd. and talk about slashy undertones to the whole thing. i think i'm going to have to watch all of these now. means i'll have to rent/buy them on dvd because the web site doesn't have them all loaded. the one i'm watching now has (so far) combined the Hound of the Baskervilles, Black Peter, the Blue Carbuncle, a touch of the Devil's Foot, and the Creeping Man, but that's as may be.

and Holmes going through tobacco withdraw is roll on the floor funny the way he's being played. makes me want my Jeremy Brett dvds now. :)