April 9th, 2012

Oh lexxie

home with lots of pics

i have a nekotalia catference happening on my desk. too bad england and germany aren't here to keep everyone in line. although i think russia is about to do something evil. yeah, when i put my phone back together, i'll have to take a pic of my new nekotalia mascots. they were the find of the convention.

so, here are the pics i took with my phone on our way to Seattle. i just remembered that i had them and needed to upload them. i also have all the con pics that ro took uploading onto photobucket and i'll have a link here in a few minutes.

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i'm just ready to fall over asleep right now. i think it's the combination of traveling and the end of a convention. the best news is that my left leg is feeling better, so i think resting it as much as i did yesterday was a good thing. ro and i watched a special on the Titanic - which reminds me to check for the one tonight. i should call her and ask her to record it because i really want to see what Bob Ballard is up to now. and we watched Mythbusters (hence the reason it took me two hours to read a manga) and River Monsters. kinda fun. :)
we got up this morning and just loaded up the car and drove home. we got here around 1630 and i still haven't completely cleared off my bed. i'll have pics of stuff i got at the con tomorrow or wednesday. tonight i think it might just go on the floor so i can sleep. i have to work tomorrow. oh joy. lol. not happy, but i need the hours and really should check in and make sure everything is still running okay.

here's the album for this year's con. http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh41/woodlandpugs/Sakura%20Con%202012/

i have a ton of albums of screencaps and some of other cons on there, so feel free to look around and snag whatever you'd like.