February 15th, 2012

Oh lexxie

Masa news

been a while since i've had any Masa news to share. *Grins* according to his gree account, he's doing a new boku road DVD this year.

事務所からのお知らせです。 中河内雅貴×馬場 徹 「僕たちの地球ロード」INイタリア ふたりで行くイタリア横断の旅! 感動ドキュメンタリーがDVDで登場!! 2012年DVD発売予定 〜完成披露トークイベント開催決定〜 詳しくはこちら http://boku-road.com/

so i went to the official page and found this

i'll admit i didn't recognize the kanji of his traveling companion. so i goggled it. it's gonna be *drum roll please* Ba-chon.

there's no release date yet, just the 2012 DVD. i'll keep an eye on it and am totally buying these DVDs when they come out. it's not a new CD or a concert, but between Samurai 7 being recast and now this, i iz a happy masa fan.
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