November 14th, 2011

Oh lexxie

personal writing challenge day 12

i'm so sleepy that i'm having issues typing. for example, shall is not spelt sahhl. *sighs* i wrote 1631 words tonight for a total of 22,289 for the whole challenge. i also made a slight attempt on the smut piece i'm working on but the characters are being stubborn. this might not be a good idea after all and that's the reason. but the weather is also still screwy so that could just be making me sick/tired as usual.
not to mention i spent an extra 40 minutes at work after my shift going over things with one of my new officers. and i work a six day week again with more training to be done. *sighs* so ready for my mini-holiday next week. thank heavens for dillon.
Oh lexxie


i'm just settling down to start writing, but whilst eating lunch i started the Hetalia movie. i love Italy in the background the whole time with his white flag *pata pata pata* lol. and he made some for everyone.
but what made me laugh the hardest is after Germany stormed out and everyone else filed out after him saying they'd never work together. Italy looks around and realizes he's alone and as he's running out, there's one nation still sitting there.
"after sitting through that, i never got to say anything"
"dare ka?"
"kanada da yo"
i feel so bad for Canada. but at least Russia didn't sit on him this time.
Oh lexxie

personal writing challenge day 13

after typing the update chapter for TDC, i sat down to work on my novel. as well as play on fb and chat, but that's as may be. lol. i wrote 3448 words today, for a total of 25,737, which is just over halfway to the 50,000 mark. and it's more or less on pace too, so i think i might actually make it.

now to go work on fan fiction updates. so much writing, so little time.

oh, and my insanity struck again. i'm going to go back to learning another language in addition to Japanese. it's just for fun though.