November 5th, 2011

Oh lexxie

personal writing challenge day 3

i wrote a total of 3646 words tonight, for a grrand (i can't actually roll my r's) total of 8638 words to date. i would guess that today was about a 60/40 split between old and new because i completely rewrote a section to bring the dragons in in their original form earlier than i drafted it out. and i'm having to be careful when writing certain parts to establish continuity with later in the story. so much to remember. but it's fun too. seiyuus are a distraction though. but a fun one.

so, tomorrow i start chapter three. this should be fun. i think three is a history chapter. that means i can expand the history and lore a little. i love writing. (unless i can't come up with anything, of course, then it's just frustrating)