October 8th, 2011

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new icon

amanda, feel free to steal it if you want to. *grins*
i love America. lol.
oohhh, i should do one for France too. should i?

ok, this post was just to show off the icon. i'm going to bed now. my sense of humor might be forever damaged now.
Oh lexxie

30 days of Hetalia - Day 18

Character you wouldn’t mind having as a parent

hmmmmm, i don't know that i'd really want any of them as a parent. if i could pick and choose various points from them all, then maybe i could come up with something, but as the characters are, just, no. :)
Oh lexxie

just stuff

there's the France icon. *snickers* although i really do wonder what he wants to do to everyone. that beep can be annoying at times. i made one for Japan too

but can't think of phrases for any other character that work well as icons. well, i suppose Austria could have one, but it might be a little insulting.

i still can't eat at work, but i managed a little rice tonight without the immediate dash i've been doing. i might truly be on the mend now. =^.^= i just know i'm going to be sick of grape juice before this is all over with. it settles better on my stomach when it's empty than apple juice does. and, having re-read that sentence, i'm going to do some research for a story and go to bed. if i'm writing things *that* convoluted then i don't need to be writing at all.