September 23rd, 2011

Oh lexxie

no chat for a few days

the roofing has started. and they start at about 0800. earlier this morning. if i'm going to get enough sleep to function at work and not get sick(er) i'm going to have to be in bed before 0100 for the next little while. it was bad enough today and they were working on our detatched garage. i don't want to think about what it's going to sound like when they're working on the house.


still, another month or so and all the construction, roofing, and other loud noises here at the house should be over with. and i'm hoping at work too. we got the new system - minus the cameras - up and running today at the most basic level. the tech said he plans to spend tomorrow working to get everything to talk to each other and then we'll see where we're at and what we're planning to do next.