September 17th, 2011


Fiction piece

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a little backstory for you all. if you've read my pieces "Outside Influences" you will have met Tiff, Joe, Lexxie (gee, doesn't that sound familiar) and a couple of the others in this piece. i call Tiffany my alter ego. i created her in junior high school when i started to write seriously for the first time, and she's stuck around to the point that she's as real to me as any of my characters are. i even use Tiffany F as my online name a lot of the time. and Joe keeps an eye on me to make sure i'm behaving myself. ;-) no, i'm not kidding about that. any writer will know what i'm talking about.

the alien incident really happened to me today. it takes a lot to disturb me, but this chilled me to the bone. it feels good to have written it out, even if the story feels kinda awkward to me. it's more for therapy than anything else. ;) but if you want to read and leave me feedback, i'll love you forever. =^.^=

Oh lexxie

Oh my, world's ultimate MarySue

I am not 100% positive about this as I am still reading the series and have a book and a half to go, but I think I may have found the ultimate MarySue story.
Yes, this is published.
Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

He has written himself into it as a character that, I suspect, is the ultimate dark lord. Not to mention his characters keep thinking that they are characters in someone's story. I'm going to keep reading because I like Roland and Jake, but it is getting really hard to take this seriously.

But if you like King's work, check it out. The story is to die for creative, even with the crack he keeps putting in there. I am seriously tempted to go to his web page and ask if he knows about MarySue.