August 6th, 2011

Oh lexxie

A day 27

it is impossible to write one of these whilst listening to rajipuri. so i think i might have missed a day when the clock flipped over. *sighs* oh well.

wake up, go pick flowers, meet up with koharu and give him flowers, go to practice, work on new techniques and pranks, avoid shiraishi, follow koharu to class, pull him away from random fan boys and girls, pass time in class, go to lunch, keep crazy boys away from koharu, go to practice, play match against kenya and zaizen, win, follow koharu to make sure he isn't cheating, go home, call koharu, watch tv, go to bed.
Oh lexxie

A day 28

wake up, shower, eat breakfast, practice the piano, gather books together, go to practice, play a match against oshitari and gakuto, go to class, eat lunch with shishido, practice the piano, go to class, help clean up music room, talk about a piece with oshitari, go to practice, work on serve, avoid atobe's latest plot, shower, go to mall with shishido and oshitari and gakuto, ignore comments in music store while looking at classical cds, go out to eat, go home, do homework, practice the piano, watch a movie, eat with family, go to bed.