August 4th, 2011

Oh lexxie

hopefully never again

if i never have another night like last night i will be a happy girl. i had a migraine and most of the related symptoms to go along with it, including spending half an hour lying in the bathroom thinking i was going to throw up, and just wanting to die in general. today not even white rice would settle on my stomach. my mum tried to get me to drink a Coke (which is a major no-no for me for two reasons) because they settle her tummy after a migraine. i come by these genetically. i told her no thanks on the pop and we decided to try plain chicken broth and saltines. that settled enough that i can sip some soy milk but i have bleak hopes for tomorrow.
i'm not sure if the migraine caused the allergic reaction symptoms i also had, but i'm cutting corn and potatoes out of my diet for a week or two and then i'll try again. i really think it was just the migraine, but i have to be sure. and allergy testing is out of the question for me. no health insurance.
so the day was spent inside on the computer being quiet. i got a lot of downloads done and the rest organized so i don't have a huge mess on my bookmarks menu.
now i'm debating writing or just going and being quiet. i "died" in the roleplay yesterday, so i don't have anything to do there except lurk and watch. i'm depressed that things didn't work out the way we hoped they would. it all hinged on one thing, and things aren't working right. we'll have to work harder in the next game. i'm kinda curious to see what happens based off the message i got from the mods. this could get interesting.
Oh lexxie

A day 26

wake up, do hair, walk along beach to practice, meet up with Bane-san, get kicked, go to practice, get kicked, go to class, take exams, go to lunch, get kicked, go to class, help clean up classroom, play on playground with kids, talk with Oji, go to practice, get kicked, go back to beach to look for clams, talk with girls, get hit by Bane-san, eat dinner with team, go home, do homework, watch tv, play video games, go to bed.