July 31st, 2011

Oh lexxie

A day with......day 22

wake up, look at clock, wonder why alarm went off at 0300, reset alarm, go back to sleep, wake up at normal time, shower, make sure part in hair is perfect, dress, eat small breakfast, gather books together, go to practice, convince akaya that you are not niou-sempai, play match against sanada, resist urge to smack marui for getting cake on school uniform, clean up, go to class, help sensei with classwork, eat lunch, patrol halls, go to class, take exam, explain to sensei that niou is in another class, explain to headmaster that niou is in another class, attend to student council duties, go to practice, smack niou for switching in the middle of a school day, win match against marui, hide marui's last cake and blame akaya, play golf for an hour, go home, do homework, watch tv, read, double check alarm clock, go to bed.