July 30th, 2011

Oh lexxie

kill me, please

i wouldn't mind feeling like crap if my symptoms would pick a part of my body and just stay there. yesterday it was cramps so bad that it felt like a knife was being stuck in my gut and i wondered if i had a bladder infection or something of the sort. this morning it was an upset tummy so bad that i almost called in sick to work, now it's a headache bordering on a migraine.
and it sucks because it seems that my characters are ready to talk to me again, the RP is heating up after a break and there's a short movie i want to watch.
and what do i get to do instead?
go to bed.
and probably not even get to play any of my DS game because of how bad my head is hurting right now.

i'd beat my head against the wall, but it would only make things worse.
Oh lexxie

A day with......day 21

be woken up by cell phone, tell akaya it's too early to go the arcade, get up, eat breakfast, meet marui to walk to practice, keep akaya away from vending machines, play match with marui against niou and yagyuu, take akaya to class, go to own class, help clean up mess after akaya's science experiment goes wrong, explain to yukimura why baby demon has green hair, run laps, eat lunch, try and nap, hunt down akaya for sanada, explain to yukimura why baby demon has blue and white hair, go to class, take aspirin, go to practice, keep tabs on akaya, take marui and akaya to the arcade, go home, eat, answer phone, explain to yukimura why you have no idea why akaya has red hair, go hide under bed, fall asleep.