July 29th, 2011

Oh lexxie

A day with......day 20

wake up slowly, enjoy sun, get up, dress, leave for practice, spend extra time to get jacket draped perfectly, keep sanada from killing everyone and ruining fun, assign random number of laps to most of team, slap niou for daring to kiss in public, go to class, look innocent and sweet, fool everyone but yanagi, take away yanagi's pen to keep him from scribbling random notes throughout the day, talk to sanada on break about akaya, take away yanagi's replacement pen, eat lunch with team, spend time with niou on roof, take away yanagi's pencil and binoculars, go to class, take away yanagi's replacement pencil and notebook, spend time in art classroom, take away yanagi's video camera, go to practice, assign niou laps for pinching in inappropriate places, take away yanagi's replacement pen, assign yanagi laps, defeat sanada and akaya in a match, go to movies with niou, eat dinner, go home, do homework, take away yanagi's microphones and video cameras, garden, open window, pretend not to be shocked when niou crawls in, think about things for a moment, pull yanagi out from under bed, go to sleep.

(i'm sick and tired. with me that equals silly)