July 14th, 2011

Oh lexxie

A day with......day 5

let's look at how the other half gathers data today.
(looking at Rikkai may be hazardous to your health)

wake up, get dressed, review notes for classes, check email and memorize various data needed for the day, grab eye drops, eat breakfast, go to practice, keep Sanada from killing younger team members, protect Akaya from Niou, comfort Yukimura after practice goes badly, make mental note of number of laps team has to run that afternoon, go to class, take notes, endure lecture from sensei again about sleeping in class, eat lunch, go to class, scare sensei by walking up to board and finishing three math problems with eyes closed that sensei couldn't finish with eyes open, go to practice, assign laps, run laps, help Akaya deal with Yagyuu who is really Niou, join Sanada and Yukimura for meeting after practice, go visit other schools to gather data, go home, eat supper, do homework, comfort Akaya over phone, go to bed.