July 8th, 2011

Oh lexxie

i'm on youtube

or, at least my arms and tummy are. *grins*

this is Ro's kitten, Akaya (yes, named after Kirihara Akaya) sucking his thumb. he has six toes on all four paws so he sucks his thumb. it's too cute. he kneeds with his other paw while he's doing it too. the vet says he does it because he was weened too early. his mom was feral.

i about had a heart attack when i got home tonight. i couldn't find La Nina. I went through the whole house (and it being a three bedroom, two and a half bath with laundry/office/mud room, two dining rooms, a sun room, living room and kitchen plus inground basement and storage) three times and the yard twice before i risked waking my parents up. my mom said that Nina was out when she went to bed. my dad said the cat was hiding in the house. yeah, i put on my shoes and went *back* outside to search for her and found her in the alley. she'd gotten out and couldn't get back into the yard on her own. this is why i don't like my cat out after dark, but my parents are too relaxed about the rule. i did notice that all three of their cats were locked up safely in the house. *sighs* i was almost in tears before i found her. but she's in and she's safe, so that's the important thing.