June 30th, 2011

Oh lexxie

new PoT DS game

my new game came in the mail today - along with some of the PoT on the radio CDs - and I started playing it immediately. Three guesses who I started with and the first two don't count. ;) Forget getting my own Eiji neko, I want a Hiroki neko.
I can't go through all the cute stuff that Kiku-chan has said so far, but the highlights are
1) he's laughing some of his nyas. that is just melt worthy
2) his tarzan impression is so cute. although my only thought was don't crash into a tree. he didn't. the vine broke first.

there are so many guys to get in this game that it's gonna take months of play to do. especially with how long the days are for each section. *waves* see you all in december. ;)
Oh lexxie

reposting news from tenipuri comm

i'm sure all my girls are members, but this is too good not to repost. and i love the app. how cool is it that i can listen to live radio from Tokyo now??

dnakapula posted the following:
thought I'd start posting info on the still ongoing rajipuris frequently, as no one else seems to do it ;))

This week's show hosts are

Onosaka Masaya (Momoshiro Takeshi) and Himaya Nobuyuki (Jackal Kuwahara) with Sugimoto Yuu (Tooyama Kintarou) as a guest character.

The show starts 23:00 Japan time (16:00 CET) on 文化放送 (Bunkai Housou) JOQR 1134, which you can access through the KeyholeTV application (which is btw, totally awesome in other ways too aka I'm totally hooked on TBS and TV Tokyo).
Let's all look forward to this weeks Tenipuri On The Radio! ;)

this is the link for the app