June 19th, 2011

Oh lexxie

pic from tenipuri com

it says it's the seigaku seiyuus. i count eight seigaku and some others that i don't know. unless they're including the triplets and those annoying things that follow the team around. anyone know?
*** edit. If my limited research on my iPod is to be believed, that is Horio in the glasses with Kachiro next to him. The other girl is Sakano and the blond is Katsuu. I'd be happy for conformation, however.

and Hiro, you're supposed to *read* the script, not eat it.
Perky, look where his right hand is in relation to Kenjiro. I started laughing when I saw that.
Oh lexxie

Tezuka zzooonnneeeee

I have to share this mental image. We have no players and no bowlers (or at least no loud music in the bowling alley) so I'm listening to my PoT on the radio CD - and Hiro just got something wrong - and here's where the mental image comes in.

There was the sound of lapping water and my first thought was the onsen. Then a voice appeared and said "Tezuka Zone!" my next thought was Tezuka naked with a tennis racket glowing in the onsen. *headdesk*

Back to Hiro and Naru along with Bane-San and Kabaji. Although I hear a girl giggling now. This should be interesting. Oh, cool, it's Ryoma!