May 10th, 2011

Oh lexxie

new icon

in watching Tenipuri Festa 09 last night, Perky and I came across Kaidoh, Momo, Eiji, Inui and Oshitari dressed up as nekos. It was more or less sugar overload because it's such a sweet and silly segment. I'm not real great at making icons, but I wanted one with Eiji and Perky wanted an Inui one, so I've been working on it and have to show off mine.
If you'd like a seiyuu neko icon from the boys listed above, let me know. The phrases to be used are
Happy New Nya (the song)
Mada Mada Da-nya
or if you can come up with something cute for Kaidoh, Momo or Oshitari with nya in it. ;)