April 15th, 2011

Oh lexxie

highly amusing story about Ro and me - at least to us

We didn't know that Eiji-san (Moriyama Eiji) voiced Ibu in the anime until hortarukunn told me about it. Ro is on a major Eiji-san kick right now, to the point of wanting to see a BL movie I think I have downloaded that his name appeared in. I'm not sure if he's in it or not, but she stays away from the BLs usually. Those are my movies. Anyway, I was re-watching DL1 and got the joke that I missed last time through it.
It's after Ibu's song and they're all trying to say "sunmasson." Tuti just cracks me up at this point with his try. Kime-hime is just too cute. And then Eiji-san comments on what a wonderful voice Ibu has and then cracks up about it. But when they're all saying, "Momo can do it. Channel Ibu. You can sound just like him." And he doesn't want to do it. Ro and I were dying at this point we were laughing so hard. And then he goes to do it and they all say he doesn't look anything like Ibu and to forget it.

Now we totally get the joke. I love those types of jokes in the musicals. I've had to explain a couple of them to Ro because she hasn't (still) read the manga.

Just something before I go to bed.