April 13th, 2011

Oh lexxie

is there such a thing as spring blahs?

I know there are for winter. Work was so bland I thought I was going to scream before it was over with. And I start a (probably limited time) workout program tomorrow that both my doc and PT want me to follow. I'll do it, but I hate having to wake up early to do it. Still, James was sweet enough to lend me his Wii fit plus and balance board for me to try out before I got my own. The balance exercises alone are hard, but fun. Maybe it won't be too bad. We'll see how it goes.

And I hate everything I'm writing right now. Seriously. Nothing looks good. I'll see about finishing something tomorrow - if I don't spend all my free time screencapping, and post it. Huh, work on something that I don't like or watch Masa. That's a tough choice. *snickers*

New screencap. It's the one my newest icon is from.

This is after AYUMU says "Masa-kun suki desu ka?" (do you like/love Masa?)
"Masa-kun suki desu ka?" (do you like/love Masa?"
"Maa-kun suki desu ka?" (do you like/love Maa-kun?"

I remember reading somewhere that that last one is what Masa's kindergarten teacher called him. It's just so cute. I kinda got the feeling Masa couldn't believe AYUMU asked that last one. ;)
Oh lexxie


It says something about how my day went when the most excitement I could hope for was one of the poker dealers falling off of a computer desk chair while hanging the new plasma screen TV in the casino. Why he didn't get a ladder, I don't know, but it was entertaining, to say the least. Especially what looked like a human pyramid for a few minutes. I actually went on the radio for that one and asked how many guys it took to hang a TV?

And I find myself enthralled by the mental image called up by the phrase I read in one of my Sherlock Holmes books. This is an anthology based off of the saying "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." In the introduction to the Mummy's Curse, it spoke about the group that found King Tut's tomb. They said the leaders canary died in a freak cobra accident. I find myself wanting to know more.