March 11th, 2011

Oh lexxie

just dessert

That's from the Muppet show. Sam says that one of these days he'll get his just desserts. A monster walks by and hits him in the face with a pie. Kermit asked what that was for and the monster says, "just dessert.

So I kinda managed to get my computer set up with me in bed. This is the strangest bug I've ever had. Fever and sore throat. Slight congestion if I lie down flat, but nothing bad enough to keep me from sleeping. No cough, chills, body ache, upset stomach or indicator what the hell I might have. Granted it could be strep, but I don't hurt bad enough for that one. And I'm not even really tired, just staying in bed because I can and it's always a good idea when you're sick.

I plan to spend the day writing and uploading fics. I've almost got a second chapter to the Rikkai/Seigaku piece I wrote for Hortarukunn for his birthday. Yukimura is evil. Niou is being sadistic and Fuji wants revenge. What could possibly be better? *grins* And then I'll see what else I feel like writing.

I'm also keeping an eye on blogs - especially Masa's and Massu's - for information. I know Masa was out of Tokyo and is okay because he updated last night. But Massu's hasn't been updated for a while. Not unusual with that boy, but still.

Okay, I'll be back. That's a promise, not a threat.

Oh wait, one more thing. Fever dreams are stranger than most. I had one last night that had a wishing well in it with a sign that said, "beware of people wanting to drop buckets of water on you."