March 5th, 2011

Oh lexxie

I'm a bad girl

I'm totally not supposed to have my computer at work, especially on a weekend when we have so many players in the casino, but I hit a deadline on two fics that I realized I'd miss otherwise and then feel horrible and have to go hide under my desk for a week until I felt better. And it's cramped under there.
The good news is that I got one of them done.
I'm about halfway through the second and it's doing nothing like what I thought it would when I started it. *sighs* But, then again, it has Rikkai in it and they rarely, if ever, do what I want them to do in a fic piece. Love Rikkai.

Just randomness. I'll return you to your weekends now. Meme's when I get home and can actually focus on them. Big Slick Blackjack is packed and that's a table a lot of kids play so chance for a lot of problems/cheaters. Fortunately I can type and watch TV at the same time.

Oh yeah, I've started learning kanji. I'm aiming for 25 a week, which I don't think is unreasonable. I mean, I've got about 2,000 to learn and didn't realize how complex some of them were. I fail. F. *grins*
Oh lexxie

day 4

what I ate today

Can I include snacks I still plan to eat? I tend to nibble quite a bit while I'm at work and still have an hour and 45 minutes until I go home.

blueberry cereal bar
turkey burgers with mustard (just the patties, no bun or trimmings)
lays potato chips
sugar free chocolates
chocolate granola bar
5 liters of water
rice cake and cheese
chocolate soy milk

I think that's everything. I might have some apple juice though before I head home. I never really eat full meals, just kind of graze my way through the day. It helps keep my blood sugar even too, which is a bonus.
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