February 28th, 2011

Oh lexxie

30 days of Prince of Tennis - Day 11

A character you wouldn't mind dating

Normally Niou would top my list, but after playing the Prince of Tennis "dating" game on my DS, I can't help but wonder if I actually got Yagyuu when I was supposed to get Niou and Niou when I was supposed to get Yagyuu. Because I swear those two switch on me!
So, unless it's Tenimyu Niou (ie Masa) I would have to go with Yukimura or Eiji. I don't think I can choose between the two of them. But Yuki and I are a great deal alike, so I don't know how long that would last. And he's still locked on the game, so I haven't played his story yet. I'm working on Chitose for the third time. Bastard keeps dumping me. *grumbles*
Oh lexxie

I'm this PoT obsessed

snagged from pinkunosakura

[ ]You play tennis because of Tenipuri
[ ]When you win at something you say “Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na”
[x]You say Tenipuri quotes at random moments
[x]You love Tenimyu
[x]A majority of the songs on your Ipod/Mp3 are Tenipuri/Tenimyu songs
Total: 3
[x]When you go into the manga section of a book store you immediately look for Prince of Tennis
[x]You own Tenipuri merchandise
[ ]You have over 20 Tenipuri songs memorized
[x]You watch Japanese Dramas just because they have a Tenimyu actor in them
[x]You have gotten at least one person into Tenipuri
Total: 4
[ ]You look on Ebay for Tenipuri stuff
[x]You check FF.net for new Tenipuri fanfics everyday
[ ]You watch animes that have Tenipuri voice actors
[ ]You try to learn Tenimyu dances
[x]Whenever you hear “ecstasy” you immediately think of Shiraishi
Total: 2
[ ]You check the Tenipuri website at least once a month
[x]You have had a dream containing a Tenipuri character
[x]You can read the kanji of all your favorite character’s names
[ ]You do at least one thing Tenipuri related every day
[x]You compare yourself or someone you know to a Tenipuri character
Total: 3
[ ]You try to do at least one tennis move from Tenipuri
[x]You have/want a jersey from your favorite team and do/would wear it in public
[x]You have imagined yourself meeting a Tenipuri character and/or a Tenimyu actor
[x]You have a Tenipuri/Tenimyu poster/picture on your wall
[x]You have tried or wanted to try one of the Tenipuri dating games
Grand Total: 4

Times your total by 4
Oh lexxie

night snow pics

These aren't the best in the world because a) it's dark out and b) I used my cell phone. But it shows how much snow we have on the ground and in the trees. I'm guessing about two feet total, with a foot or so of new snow today alone.

And yes, it is still falling and likely will be all night. This must be our revenge for getting no snow for most of the winter. And it's supposed to start raining on us in a couple of days. Can anyone say flooding??