February 25th, 2011

Oh lexxie


Seriously, I have never in my life been in weather so cold that my eyes were trying to freeze shut. It's minus 9F outside and I'm really hoping that's the lowest it will get, but I have a feeling tomorrow is only going to be worse. The only plus side to it is that there's no snow here when it gets this cold.
I'm still thawing out. So I'm going to go read my new jpop magazines and warm up looking at all the cute/hot boys that are awaiting me.
Oh lexxie

30 days of Prince of Tennis - Day 8

Your least favorite pairing

Hmmmm, let's break this into three sections.
Manga: Golden Pair
Anime: Anything with what's his name. (that could hold for the manga too)
Musicals: From the ones I've seen.......hmmm........can't think of one. *grins*

I guess my all time least favorite would be anything with what's his name. It used to be with Atobe, but I actually found some well written pieces with him and gave them a chance and liked them.