February 3rd, 2011

Oh lexxie

Mural in progress 2

I finished the small wall, not totally happy with the two fill-in pics I had to use, but at the same time, I kinda ran out of Rikkai pics to use there. *grins* I needed one more actor set.
Before I added in the fill-in pictures.

The larger wall is coming along, mainly with pics of Masa and Massu. Hey, I'm not biased at all. But I think more Rikkai and some of my other favorite actors will find their way in there as well. Like Ba-chon and Hide-chan. The anime Rikkai is my pillow not a picture.

My mother hasn't seen it yet. I kinda want to be here to see the look on her face when she actually does. She keeps accusing me of acting like I'm sixteen. *shrugs* My older sister finds that absolutely hilarious. I wish I did. ;) My sis is a LOTR fan girl (especially Sean Bean). But she was able to make a career out of it too.
More pics as I get closer to finishing this up. So much fun.