December 15th, 2010

Oh lexxie

funny story

this is typed one handed, so please excuse typos. **note that dishwasher is not a typo**

i was reading the forensic examiner at work today and one of the articles was on the steps (way over simplification) of how a crime is committed. the example given at the beginning was getting a drink of water.
1) determine you are thirsty
2) locate source of water
3) locate vessel to hold water
4) attempt to fill vessel with water
5) analyze the results

reading this made me think of a class lecture - i'm pretty sure it was high school - on critical thinking. the teacher asked us to give him directions on how to wash clothes. and almost everyone skipped at least three steps at some point. the kid who took the prize for stupidest statement, however, is the one who said "after gathering up the obviously dirty laundry, you open the dishwasher and put the clothes in it." the sad part is that he was serious. the teacher gave up.
Oh lexxie

2 new PoT chapters

after the day i had, trying not to take pain meds for my wrist - didn't last long - and work i'm really happy to have PoT to read, seeing as i can't type!!!!

oh yeah, btw, hate to love is getting seriously sappy. seriously. i'm ready to tarundoru myself.