November 29th, 2010

Oh lexxie

new style and happy

My Yukimura Seiichi inspired hair style. I can't believe how much curl appeared when the weight from the longer hair came off. (no, not blue yet. just black)

I went and signed up for the new internet service. It will be connected late next week and that was the first chance they had to get in. I'm so happy about that. I am actually at home now, but don't know how long this will hold out for. It's blinking at me and there's a storm coming in.

It sucks because I want to download Rikkai 15. The link just got posted to one of the comms I belong to. *pouts* Oh well, I can do it on Thursday when I'm at Ro's for movie night. I'm going to show her Black Butler (and Undertaker). Love it.