September 2nd, 2010

Oh lexxie

life and Prince of Tennis

42. (the meaning of life)
I'm in a weird mood today. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm getting ready to go and work almost two weeks straight with no day off so the other two officers in my department can have holidays. They're going to pay me back in a few months when I take my parents to Seattle (going to shop at Uwajimya - so excited. Saving already.) and then when I go with my parents to Mexico, but the thought of 13 days straight in the surveillance room depresses me. Maybe posters are the answer. Something to liven up the room a little.

Jeffrey, one of the two characters from my Titanic novella is starting to talk to me and I think I might be able to write a sequel from his POV as the one I'm getting ready to send off is from Sam's POV. I think it would be fun, if somewhat challenging, as Jeffrey is the spirit on the Titanic. I'd have to watch my phrasing. :)

Uploading a bunch of Masa screencaps to photobucket. He is so hard to cap because he just doesn't hold still. *grumbles* I've still got a ways to go (mada mada dane) with this project. One more concert, his mens' DVD, and Celebrity Boys eps 1 and 2. Plus the others if I can find and download them in good quality. But do check them out if you have a moment and like Masa.

And now some fun. (almost put pun. Must be thinking about Dabide.) I found the first two Pair Puri episodes for PoT and downloaded them. Vampire Niou cracks me up. Okay, fine, Niou cracks me up, but this was just extra cute.