August 5th, 2010

Oh lexxie

I win

At work tonight Chris was playing trivia on one of the bar machines with a couple of other dealers when I walked past to go to the bathrooms. He called for me to come back and help. I'm horrible with trivia and just stood there listening to the answers and then left again. I really did have to go to the bathroom and I was still on the clock. The last thing Chris said to me was, "Alex, you suck!" I yelled back that I knew and just kept walking.
On my next venture out of the surveillance room, he and Mike were playing an electronic golf game that's just outside the casino. I came up behind him and hit him on the head and told him it was for telling me that I suck. He was pretty wasted at the time and started to argue the point with me. Then I watched him hit a shot into the "trees" and the "water" and commented that he shouldn't be talking about me sucking when he hits a ball like that.
He chased me halfway back to the surveillance room.
lol. I win.

Picks from last Friday morning of the sky. I really do love it here this time of year, other than the heat. The sky is always so pretty.