August 4th, 2010

Oh lexxie

cutest pug ever

I didn't have anything to write about and was just going to post morning sky pics again, but when I came home my dad wasn't up yet and I didn't know how long he was going to be, so I took the dogs around the block. I had to wake Rocky up to go and he was still kinda sleepy when we left the driveway, but I didn't think anything was wrong until we got about 2/3 of the way around and I directed Monty to go down the alley to our backyard and the trash can. Rocky just kept going straight and wouldn't stop or turn around no matter what I did, so I just called to Monty and we followed Rocky back to the house.
He was sleep-walking!!!!!! I have never seen a dog sleep-walk before and didn't realize it until Monty ran into Rocky and my little pug jerked and then looked at me like, "where the hell am I?" He is so cute.

Mum calls him our little e-rocky. (like ewok in Star Wars).
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