May 28th, 2010

Oh lexxie

convention 4 with pics

So I meant to write about this yesterday and totally forgot until today when Ro and I were in the elevator going down to the autograph session and dealers' room. There was this guy in the elevator yesterday who was just riding up and down watching everyone who was traveling up and down. We thought that it was possible to see more people in costume just by sitting in the lobby rather than freaking everyone out by constantly being in the elevator, but whatever. It was just really strange, but then again, most of my coworkers think that I'm really strange for coming to the anime con in the first place. I guess I am, but then again, I like who I am. :)

Ro sent me the pic of her and Johnny just after I turned off my computer yesterday. So here it is.

She said not to show this to anyone, but I think that as long as you don't tell her, we'll be fine. ;)

Today's story so far. Ro is a total fan girl and I really hope that she's not freaking Johnny out by her behavior. We went down to the autograph session and I really like how they have it set up here. If the guests have time to go down and sit for a while they do for the hour or so that's scheduled. And that gives them so much more time to hang out and talk with everyone.

All pictures will be up on my photobucket page as well.

This is what Ro had autographed.

this is what I had autographed.

and here's the pic of the day that's just making Ro squee like a mindless fan girl everytime she thinks about it.

We're going to his concert at a local pub tonight for our other thing for the day. There wasn't much on the schedule for the day that really caught our interest. Tomorrow is another Johnny concert and final shopping and packing up bulk stuff to take down to the car. And we leave on Sunday. This has been so cool, just being away from home and work for a couple of days. I think I really did need a break from all of my responsibilities because I feel so much more relaxed now than I have since my dad got sick back in October. It's so hard to think that I've been on a run since then when so many people have it so much harder than I do, but it is hard to watch your father age and start to have all these problems. And I'll have to do the same thing with my mother here in the next ten to fifteen years.

Okay, one last picture from the day. GO RIKKAI DAI!!!!