May 17th, 2010

Oh lexxie

pet pic

As I've started making Sunday the day where I do nothing but mess around on the computer, I have nothing to write about. So I thought I'd share a pic of my pug, Rocky.

He's lying on my parents' bed buried under my mother's pillows. Can you say spoiled rotten?? But, then again, most of our animals are.
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Oh lexxie

prince of tennis

just finished reading 680 pages of online scans for the Prince of Tennis manga. Finished the first series and am dying to start on the sequel, but *iz dead*
And I figured out who scares me the most in the series. It's not Tezuka. It's not Fuji (although he freaks me out a lot of the time). It's not Kaidoh.
It's Yukimura Seiichi. *brrrrr*

Maybe he's the reason I have an insane PoT fic running around my head that's demanding all of my attention right now. Two words. Sadistic bastard.
Oh lexxie

Tonight's Miami - no spoilers

I bow down in awe of the writers of CSI Miami for this week. I wasn't happy with the set up, but they pulled it off wonderfully in the end. My heart was going faster and I was on the edge of my seat until the name was revealed.
Now, only one thing left to do and that's a one shot for the episode. *Grins* Keep your eyes open.