February 13th, 2010

Oh lexxie

coworkers make my brain hurt

These two stories are all second hand from Chris when we both got really bored at work last night. He had the Olympics and news on in the casino and a couple of them were talking about the guy who died yesterday. Lisa, one of the dealers, came up and asked where the man was from. Chris told her Georgia. She asked where in Georgia. Chris told her that he was from the *country* Georgia. Lisa didn't even hesitate. She told Chris, "there's no country called Georgia." When he told me this I had to ask if she slept through world geography or something. And we still don't know if she believed him or not when he said it's over in Russia.

This one is worse, however. During the opening ceremony when the Native Canadians - as Chris called them - were doing a traditional dance, Justyn (another dealer) looked up at the TV and said, "what are they doing? There are no Indians in Canada!"
I told Chris they must have all died out during the French/Indian war or something.

Seriously. Do these people even have brains????
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