February 17th, 2009

Oh lexxie

Dig *snickers*

Check out the review I just got/reported on CSI Forensics for High Stakes and also my reply.

Reviewer: unimpressed (Anonymous) 17 Feb 2009 01:32 am

it's a stupid ooc story, god! learn to write.

Author's Response: I'm sorry you feel that way, but no one forced you to sit and read my story in the first place. I would suggest that, in the future, you check story summaries before reading to avoid finding pairings or other things you dislike.

Honestly, where would the world be without idiots?
Oh lexxie

dig part two.

What I find absolutely hilarious is that the reviewer who took the time to be so insulting to me yesterday actually took the time to return to the story and see if I had answered their review.  My first thought is "a little psycho here?" but it just makes me laugh because I really don't think House is OOC in this one. Yeah, he's a little mellower, but he's drugged and has been beaten. They want sarcasm from a slower brain? I could keep this going, but its not worth the time or effort it would take. But here's the latest.

Reviewer: unipressed (Anonymous)
17 Feb 2009 05:44 pm

It isn't the summary or the slash, So don't talk down to me like i'm a bigot or a troll.
Your story is majorly lacking in every thing. Plot and a good sense of canon cractors
is my major problem with it. The huge au twist is not helping either, Maybe it just this
story cause i thought the supernatural crossover was good, and the Danny/H was okay.
I just hate it when people take House and totally fuck him and other ) house c)--up till i
can't even recognize them anymore. This story is majorly colse to just that.And I quite
frankly don't have the nerves to watch the train wreck.

Didn't I say vampire fic in the summary? I'll have to go check.

In other news I've got two and a half chapters of High Stakes written and am going to be typing them up and posting them over the next few days. Definately one tonight, maybe two if my joints don't start bothering me. The weather is changing here and my knee has been really painful the past few days.