November 29th, 2008

Oh lexxie

character rant

Every author/writer out there will know what I'm talking about here because I'm sure its happened to you at least once. Ever since I started writing about Tiff and her twin sister Lexxie I've had this creepy ME around. He's completely pale, likes the night, makes no noise as he moves about etc. You know the type. *Grin* So I decided as Tiff and Lexxie are never going to be published I'd go ahead and swipe the ME, make a few adjustments to him and stick him into the dragon novels I'm working on.

He decided that he wanted to be a vampire.

A real vampire, not just someone who looks like a vampire. So now I guess I have a vampire running around the dragon world I'm creating for the novels. At least its in the second one and not the first which means there's time to develop him a little more. And work out if dragons and vampires are enemies or friends. Or just tolerate each other. Or maybe don't even know about each other. At least my sister writes vampire fiction - hopefully soon to be published - and can help me navigate the world of the vampires that's in fiction and fantasy now.
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