July 16th, 2008

Oh lexxie

Mind in the gutter

This might be hard to believe but prior to starting my job at the casino I did not have a diry mind. When I met Ro and the pit boss we very quickly nick-named "Captain" Jack they seemed almost afronted by my lack of dirty jokes/not getting their jokes. Save one. Jack called me every shift we worked together and told me a really dirty joke. One day he called and asked me if I knew what they said about men with big feet. I told him they have big shoes and hung up. The man went red. That's my one score against him. *grin*

And this does have a point. Tonight at work I had the radio on tuned to the local country station. George Strait was on and I just happened to catch one of the lines where he said he still liked to go out and raise a little cane. I couldn't help it. The first thought in my mind was that I wouldn't mind raising a little Caine. Then I called Ro and told her that I hated her. *snicker* She asked why, I told her, she said YUCK, and then turned and told her roommate - who is also a friend of mine - what I'd said along with the comment that I was probably as red as a tomato at that point.

So I promised Ro I'd post this little story when I got home. *sigh* Oh well, a dirty, one track mind is good for fan fiction.
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