April 26th, 2008

Oh lexxie


This was too cute not to share. You guys have all seen La Nina before. She's the princess of the house not to mention my bedroom. Okay, her bedroom but she's nice enough to let me use it. She came in tonight and asked to be allowed to sleep in one of my built-ins on my clean t-shirts. No outfit is complete without cat hair. I went downstairs to fill my water bottle and was passed on the stairs by my parents' cat, Mr. Jinx.
Mr. Jinx thinks that he should be allowed into the bedroom whenever he wants - he just jumped up on the bed - and the catch is that he and Nina hate each other.
When I got back to my room I found this.

As near as I can tell Jinx pushed Nina out of the drawer and into the desk chair and took her place. It lasted just long enough for me to take the pictures before Nina growled and I had to chase Jinx out. That didn't last long either.
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