April 24th, 2008

Oh lexxie

Web page assignment

It's done. It's done. *does happy dance around room*
I got the web page assignment done for my computer science class. My teacher has just figured out that I really like forensics. Let's see, so far this semester I did my power point presentation on the evolution of realistic crime dramas from Dragnet to CSI:NY. I did my ten page term paper on compute forensics. And I did my web page on TDC which has the CSI shows in it. *grin* 

A word of warning though - if you DO NOT want to know who Sammy is going to bond with do not look at the community page for NYDC because it is up there. Oh, and don't drink anything when you read the terms page. I've had a couple people start laughing when they see the whole "the bonds are not sexual in nature" bit. *rolls eyes* School server=school rules.

But do let me know what you think. I won't say I had fun doing it because I really hate HTML but I do think it looks good.
Oh lexxie


Okay, it was probably so wrong of me to want to watch tonight's Supernatural just to see A.J. Buckley but I did. And it was so worth it too. I love how he just manages to steal any scene he's in and make it his own. I've noticed that he does it as Adam a lot too and I love it when he's in with Mac. Honestly they remind me of Gil and Greggo from the early seasons when you never really knew what Greg was going to say or do next. I miss him like that.

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Yes, Ro, you can slap me tomorrow if you want to. I so can't wait until you get to see the rest of Supernatural.
Oh and btw, Ro's the one who doesn't like purple on my web page. She's just teasing me.