March 23rd, 2008

Oh lexxie

Family story

My mum made us an actual sit down supper tonight so the only thing missing was my kid brother who is away at grad. school. We got to talking about when Remington and his friends went camping for the weekend and took a case of Port along with them. Mum said she could just see the look on the face of the cops if they'd run across them because Port is not something you expect college kids to be drinking in the woods on the weekend. I've got a very odd kid brother.
So my Dad pipes up with a story about my uncle I'd never heard before. Uncle Wayne died when he was 20 from cancer - this would be roughly 1948 - so he was about sixteen when the story took place. For some reason, and my Dad admits that he has no clue how it happened, Uncle Wayne and their best friend, Burch, got onto a ketchup drinking contest. And he says that both Uncle Wayne and Burch were stone sober when it happened too. But the story goes that they were putting the empty bottles in a case behind the seat in the car and they got stopped by the local sheriff. The guy came up to the car, told them that they were nabbed, pulled an empty bottle of ketcup from the case and did a double take.
Mum says she doesn't believe it but, based off some of the other stories my grandmother told me about my Dad, Uncle Wayne and Burch, I have to say it sounds very probable. Especially after then incident with the chicken coop.
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