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Prince of Tennis meme

snagged from hotarukunn

Directions: Pick 10 characters from a certain fandom, arrange or write their names down in random order, then answer the questions. No peeking at the questions first, okay? XD

1. Niou
2. Yagyuu
3. Yukimura
4. Fuji
5. Eiji
6. Echizen
7. Shiraishi
8. Jirou
9. Sanada
10. Bane-san

Q1: Describe the children of #3 (Yukimura) and #7 (Shiraishi). Are they good parents?
Talk about being good tennis players. These children will dominate any court they step onto with their parents there to cheer them on. I just pity the coaches. Yeah, they would be awesome parents, if a little over the top at times with discipline.

Q2: Describe #5 (Eiji) and #1 (Niou)'s first kiss.
Eiji was so thrilled at beating the Petenshi that he bounced over the net, promptly forgave Niou for tricking him during their first match during the Kantou finals and kissed him on the court. After which they had to take Oishi and Yagyuu to the hospital.

Q3: How would #2 (Yagyuu) react if #6 (Echizen) were pregnant with #10 (Bane-san)'s baby?
He'd push his glasses back into place so no one could see how disturbed he was and go back to tennis practice. He is the gentleman, afterall.

Q4: How does #4 (Fuji) convince #7 (Shiraishi) to go with him/her on a date?
Have you seen him smile? I think Shiraishi would go regardless of what he really wanted. Fuji just has that look about him.

Q6: #6 (Echizen) is in love with #1(Niou). #3 (Yukimura) confesses his/her love to #6 (Echizen). Who does the latter choose? And does #8 (Jirou) think he/she made the right decision?
Huh, I think Echizen would pick the one he thought would challenge him the most at tennis, so Yukimura. And I would be surprised if Jirou would wake up enough to know what was actually going on.

Q7: #5 (Eiji) and #2 (Yagyuu) must pretend to be a married couple. Why?
It's all Niou's fault. I don't know how, but it has to be.

Q8: #10 (Bane-san) is moving in with #9 (Sanada). What do they fight about the most?
Dabide and his puns.

Q9: How will #4 (Fuji) prove his/her love to #1 (Niou)?
Y'know, I've got a WIP with this pairing and it just doesn't work. Fuji is too sadistic. Oh well, in the spirit of the meme, he takes him to the joke shop and lets him buy whatever he wants and helps him set up pranks.

Q10: #7 (shiraishi) and #4 (Fuji). Love at first sight?
Cannon first sight was on the tennis court. I would doubt it, but who knows. Those counters of Fuji's are pretty irresitable to the right tennis player.

Q11: What would #2 (Yagyuu) get #9 (Sanada) for Valentine's Day?
Yukimura? *snickers* A day with no Niou pranks. Don't you hear the screaming from the broom closet?

Q12: Under what circumstances would #3 (Yukimura) and #5 (Eiji) have a happy end?
Eiji helps Rikkai win Nationals in high school by transferring schools with Oishi.

Q13: What does #8 (Jirou) want to change about #10 (Bane-san)? Does the latter approve?
His kicking Dabide for every pun. It's loud and keeps waking Jirou up. I would doubt it, but he could always kick Jirou too.

Q14: #2 (Yagyuu) and #7 (Shiraishi) are together. Who is more protective over the other?
Good grief. I'd say it's about equal.

Q15: Who is going to say "I love you" first, #1 (Niou) or #9 (Sanada)?
*pft* Niou, but the question is if he means it or not. Sanada would probably just tarundoru him.

Q16: Describe #10 (Bane-san) and #4 (Fuji)'s perfect romantic outing.
Getting away from Itchan and Eiji for a day and going to the beach. Wait, who is that taking clams down by the water?

Q17: Who suffers from pre-wedding jitters, #3 (Yukimura) or #8 (Jirou)? How does the bridesmaid/best man #10 (Bane-san) soothe them?
Yukimura, but he's the child of god so no one would know about it. He lends them Dabide for an hour.

Q18: #6 (Echizen) is a secret admirer. What presents does he/she give?
Tennis balls and ponta. The kid is pretty obsessed.
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