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I am calm

Okay, not really, but I'm not the stressed out mess I was when I got home from work yesterday. Let's just say I went right for the ice cream (soy based, sugar free chocolate flavored frozen dessert because Sam says that it's NOT ice cream) when I got home and watched DL7 until I could laugh again. Hide-chan is so cute in the behind the scenes bit they have in the middle of the musical.

I'm going to go and cap Seigaku from DL7 now before I have to go back to hell, I mean, work. At least I'll be working with Chris, Jeremy and Jason so I'll have a good base support crew with me. But I might kill one of the dealers if he's on shift tonight. Or I could let Jason do it. Might put him in a better mood. *Grins*

I'm going to find a good picture of Gollum from Lord of the Rings where he has his eyes tight shut and photoshop/paint edit so the caption says, "the stupid, it burns us, precious" and hang it up in the surveillance room. I'd put it in the casino, but I'd get in trouble.
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