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Titanic novel dedication

I'm ahead of myself, I know, but as I needed to do this part of it in Japanese, I had to do it early on. *grins* This is more an experiment than anything else to see if it works.

FOR: 古川雄大

This is what I wanted to say: Furukawa Yuuta, Thank you so much. Your music was an inspiration while writing this piece. I greatly enjoyed your Full Color Variation DVD during the initial writing time. Please continue to create such wonderful music.

A co-worker who was raised in Japan did the translation and typing for me. I still haven't worked out how to type kana and kanji on my computer, but she said there's a download I can get and put it on the computer. I'm going to add a couple of more things on, but like I said, this needed to be done.

I'm doing a little better, but at the same time, I've got a split shift tomorrow and I'll probably end up sick again after a day or so. At least I'm not falling asleep in my chair like I was a couple of days ago. That's a good thing.
Tags: titanic novella, yuuta-kun

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