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Rikkai questionaire

So totally have to do this one. Snagged from seiichu. *grins*

1.What’s your name?
Real Name - Lexxie
Alias - Tiffany F (pen name)

2.What’s your Rikkai experience?
This is a PG rated, nope, can't type that with a straight face. Didn't think I could.

3.What made you fall for the school?
Have you seen their starters? But I also love their dedication and drive.

4.Who do you like best in Rikkai?
*sweatdrops* Niou. I'm hoping Yukimura won't kill me for saying that.

5.What’s Rikkai’s charm point?
See answer for number 3. ;)

6.What do you call Buchou Yukimura Seiichi?
Either Yukimura-kun or Yuki-buchou

7.Is his personality “Black” or “White”?
What's he doing right now? *snickers* Seriously, mainly white until you put him near a tennis court. Or his team. Or dare to mention that Rikkai might not be the most powerful tennis team around.

8.All the others are called things like “Emperor” and “Master”, but what would you call him?
Depends on the situation. Half the time he makes me want to go and hide under the bed with the dust, I mean, plot bunnies.

9.What do you think the ones who lost their matches against Seigaku(Sanada, Yanagi, Kirihara) received as punishment?
Suicide slaps from Sanada for the others and I'm sure that Yukimura just looked at them with those huge sad eyes of his that say "how could you?" and then made them run laps with training weights on until they collapsed. Then their regular training would have started up.

10.Please write your overall opinion about Yukimura Seiichi.
Dangerous as hell. This is the boy who will be sweet and innocent until you piss him off and then death will befall you before you know what happens. He seems sadistic but hides it behind that smile of his.

11.What do you call Fukubuchou Sanada Genichirou?
Sanada. Sometimes Gen-chan if I'm feeling brave.

12.Would you like to try receiving his slap?
Hell no. That's why you duck.

13.Is he really a junior high student?
I didn't think so at first, but have to believe what I read. Right? Right.

14.What was your very first impression of him?
I thought he was the coach.

15. Please write your overall opinion about Sanada Genichirou.
A boy who is focused on three things. Yukimura, tennis, and winning. Maybe kendo would be a fourth, but it's hard to tell at times as it seems like he practices the art for his tennis and to keep his family happy. Maybe not the most intelligent, but loyal as hell. I'd love to have him at my back.

16.What do you call Yanagi Renji?
Yanagi or Renji.

17.What was your impression when he opened his eyes?
I'm going over there. *points across room*

18.Which one do you prefer(With his eyes open or closed)?
Closed. He's less scary that way, although I do wonder how he manages not to walk into things all the time.

19.What would you do if Little Renji(Yanagi Renji in his childhood) was wandering about?
Depends on the situation. Most likely he would be out gathering data and would want to be left alone.

20.Please write your overall opinion about Yanagi Renji.
Dedicated to his team and his data, not necessarily in that order. He doesn't think much about the past unless it has an impact on his current calculations. He loves his team mates, even if he doesn't show it.

21.What do you call Yagyuu Hiroshi?
Yagyuu or Yeahgyuu. *snickers*

22.Why do you think he is called “The Gentleman”?
Because next to Niou anyone would be a gentleman. Seriously, because of his attitude and manner towards people. Now whether or not that's really how he is, is another matter.

23.Do you approve his thick glasses?
It's a little strange not to see his eyes and I wonder if they're not just for show. He was playing fine as Niou without them. I think there's more to them than eye problems.

24.How do you think he and Niou switched places in the Seigaku match?
They spent the night at one of their houses and arrived at the courts as the other. What I want to know is if the team knew what they'd done before Yagyuu hit the real laser beam. Akaya sure seemed to.

25.Please write your overall opinion about Yagyuu Hiroshi.
Someone who is hiding something. But is a gentleman to your face. Beware of the quiet ones.

26.What do you call Niou Masaharu?
Niou or Niou-kun. Sometimes Petenshi.

27.Where do you think he comes from?
Mars??? Seriously? He's from Japan.

28.Have you ever thoughtlessly used words like “Puri” and “Piyo” in daily conversations?
Not yet, but I'm trying to find places to use Puri at work, if only to see the looks on my co-workers' faces.

29.Are there any recommendations about “Niou Masaharu”? (From which to which page…)
Anything with Niou or Yagyuu as Niou is worth looking at. Multiple times. ;)

30.Please write your overall opinion about Niou Masaharu.
KAWAII!!!!!! He's a trickster of the first rate who knows exactly how to manipulate people and things to get what he wants. But you have to love him for it. At least he's honest about who he is.

31.What do you call Marui Bunta?

32.If Marui Bunta were to pair up with someone, who would you like it to be?
Jackal. Or the whole team.

33.What is Marui Bunta’s image color?
What's the color of genius? I'm gonna say green because of the gum he chews.

34.Is he able to go on a diet?
You'd have to tie him up so he wouldn't eat cake on the sly. And I pity the one who tries to keep him away from his cake. Poor Jackal.

35.Please write your overall opinion about Marui Bunta.
Tensai-teki. *grins* He's a guy who is going for what he wants. And that's cake. I have a feeling he's like Niou in a lot of ways, but just not as outgoing or obvious about it.

36.What do you call Jackal Kuwahara?

37.What are Jackal Kuwahara’s good points?
His wall of defense, putting up with Akaya and Marui, his disposition, putting up with Akaya and Marui.

38.What do you think about his hair(head)?
It's to honor his sensei. I think it's awesome.

39.It is a bit off-topic, but his dad is…?
Why is this in here??

40.Please write your overall opinion about Jackal Kuwahara.
Someone who really needs a holiday. He's a sweetheart who would do anything for his team. And actually seems to.

41.What do you call Kirihara Akaya?

42.What was your first impression of him?

43.What would you do if you had a Kouhai just like Kirihara Akaya?
Glomp him.

44.Can Rikkai count on Kirihara Akaya next year?
Only if Yukimura really teaches him some things about leadership. Otherwise I think they're in trouble.

45.Please write your overall opinion about Kirihara Akaya.
He's a baby demon who needs to learn how to control his powers a little more. But he's so cute that I just want to go glomp him.

46.What is your favorite scene of the show?
Because I hate how Niou and Yagyuu are treated in the anime, I have to say when Marui shows off his tensai teki skills.

47. Have you registered the word “Rikkai” so that it is converted in one shot?
How do you do that???

48.Do you contribute to the Rikkai Fandom?
Of course. Stories and things like this. I love Rikkai.

49.What made you want to do it?
Again, see question 3. *snickers*

50.Since when have you been active(in the Rikkai fandom)?
Since I first saw them in Dream Live 4th, the first tenimyu I ever saw.

51.Has the number of devotees(fans) increased?
I certainly hope so.

52.Has anything changed?
I just love them more each day. I wear my cosplay Rikkai jacket to work and deal with the comments and taunts that I look like a wasp.

53.What were the good things you got from contributing to the fandom?
Ways to explore the characters more. That's one thing I love about fan fiction.

54.On the other hand, was there any occasion you found yourself upset?
When Rikkai lost. I really wanted them to win Nationals.

55.By the way, does your family know about this?
My parents just smile and nod. They just don't try and follow what I'm talking about. But my mom does think that Masa-kun is cute in his Niou wig.

56.Are there any pairings you like?
Niou/Yagyuu (either way), Sanada/Yukimura (either way), all eight together. I haven't tried any other pairings within the team yet.

57.Who are the easiest to write?
Niou and Yagyuu.

58.What about the hardest ones?
It's not Rikkai, but any of the Seigaku guys. I guess that's because I'm a Rikkai gal.

59.Please tell us your best masterpiece!
Akaya wants to know about why the other regulars stay behind after practice every day and why they have a secret bond between them. He finds out that they're all lovers and wants to join them, but Yukimura has a split personality moment and they have to save Akaya. I'm working on other stories that will tie into this one.
We won't mention the battle of the sadists. *grins*

60.On the other hand, are there any works you were hesitant about whether to share or not?
Not for fan fiction.

61.Who was the first character you wrote?

62.How long does it take for you to finish writing a fic?
Depends on how long it is. one-shots take about three to four hours. chapter stories can take months.

63.What do you think when writing a fic?
nothing. I just let the pen move over the paper and then have to edit when I type up.

64.How much time do you devote to Rikkai?
More than I probably should, all things considered.

Anything you want to throw at me, although the dubbed anime sucks yeggs.

66.Are there any schools you like besides Rikkai?
I have a soft spot for Eiji and a couple of the other Seigaku boys, but Rikkai is my team.

67.Since the end is close, please claim all the love you have for Rikkai.
Rikkai Dai forever.

68.Is there anything you’d like to say to the author, Konomi Takeshi-sensei?
Rikkai is better than any other school. Be brave and let the world find this out.

69.For you, the school called “Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chuu” is…?

70.Congratulations on answering all the 70 questions! Please leave a final message here!
Rikkai Dai Fuzoku forever!!!!
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